SyntaxError when trying to open my survey

09-27-2020 06:32 AM
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Hi everyone! I made a form that calculates location from a choice list. It gisves no problems whe you convert it into a simulated form, neither when you publish it.

But when you try to open the published durvey, it was a warning "SyntaxError"Failed to excecute 'querySelectorAll' on Élement': 'datalist(name of form)sector > option' is not a valid selector.

Could any body help me with this? why did'nt give the warning before open it?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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Hi Alejandro,

It would be helpful if you could share your form.  I will note the web form can be very particular on the format of calculations - look at the 'Calculate location from CSV' example to see the proper calculation format.

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Hi James,

I'm not sure if Alejandro shared his form to help you find a solution but I am having a similar issue with the same error message. 

I have been able to locate the issue to my appearance cell for a 'select_one' question type as the error only occurs if I have selected the 'autocomplete' appearance. This error only has arisen after I made amendments to other aspects of the form as this question was working previously.

Happy to share my form to help to find a solution to this.



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