Relevant expression with many choices

08-27-2021 08:55 AM
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I have a very complicated survey in my XLS form where I am trying to display a field (question B) IF an answer is selected from a previous question (question A). Question A has 58 different options to select. Question B can display if any of 32 of those 58 options are selected. Is there a more efficient way to write out this Relevant statement? I have looked into pulldata() with hopes of having all of those 32 different options on an external CSV and then based on answer to Question A reading the CSV to see if that option exists. Any tips on this?

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You could try having a CSV with all 58 options and an additional column for a Yes/No "AskQuestionB" variable. Then after the respondent selects the answer for A, have a hidden question with a pulldata to grab the Yes/No value of "AskQuestionB" and then make the actual question B relevant based on that hidden value.