relate location (geopoint) data to preloaded shp in survey123 application (?) - relacionar datos de ubicación a shp precargado en aplicación survey123

08-25-2021 09:34 AM
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Can location data (geopoint) be automatically associated with a preloaded polygon shapefile coverage? I came up with something like that the data of 3 drop-down menus would be automatically filled according to the Country, region and commune with the data contained in the preloaded shape

If it exists, what is the formula associated with the XLS form?


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Hi @recolectoruno  You have a couple of options here.

  • Custom JavaScript function: Using a custom JS function in a calculation you can pass the point geometry of your Survey123 record into a feature layer and return the intersecting polygon. Then, you can extract from that record attributes that you can use within your form.  This is an advanced technique that involves working with JavaScript cod and the ArcGIS REST API. Check the 'Working with web services' section in for details.  Since this technique queries a feature layer using the REST API, it will only work if the user is online (connected).
  • Workflow automation: You can also use Integromat or Microsoft Power Automate to do a similar query once the Survey123 record has been submitted to ArcGIS. You can find info about how to do this with Integromat here:  This article I reference talks about ArcGIS QuickCapture but the steps are pretty similar with Survey123. If you take this approach, the calculations will happen when the GIS record is sent into ArcGIS.  For this reason, it does not matter if the user is online or offline when the data is collected.
  • Python automation: This would be similar to Workflow Automation as described above, except that you would be writing a Python script to do the queries and updates, and then schedule the script to run when you like.

Please note that none of the solutions outlined above works with pre-loaded geographic data in the device. They all rely on queries to a feature layer. At this moment in time, it is not technically possible to reference a local shapefile in your device to do this type of queries.

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