Survey123 WebMap displaying both "Name" and "Label" from XLSform in Legend

02-15-2023 03:08 PM
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A Survey123 generated webmap with data populated from it was created. The attribute I wanted to highlight was selected for the legend. The legend lists both the "Name" and the "Label" from the Survey123 XLSForm as separate legend types (see screen shot). As you can see, the top three are in use and are the "name" from the XLSForm. The lower three are the "label" from the XLSForm. The bottom three are not populated by anything and I don not seem to be able to remove them from the legend as I can with the "Other" field response which there are also zero of as this is a required and "select_one" type question. What is going on here!?!?!?

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Hello @TristanTaber

I would suggest checking the data in the feature service. The web map should be pulling unique values from the data so there may be some mis matches within the data that when cleaned up should resolve the web map issue. 

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