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Survey123 Web in EB-Failed to submit (refresh token)

06-22-2022 09:42 AM
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I have a survey123 in Edit mode with EB.

On occasion, when I make my edits and I click "Submit" I receive the below error.

Upon refreshing the page, the error disappears, but the content is lost which is quite painful.

I have not been able to detect a pattern but there is a commonality after spending approx. 10 minutes going through the form due to the discussion and submit after. This is when the majority of the errors appear.

Any advice is much appreciated.

Thank you,


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I am also experiencing the same issue.  Survey123 embedded to Experience Builder using the Survey123 widget.  It works for most of the users but it fails with "failed to refresh token" error for a specific user.  Have you figured out this issue?

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This error has been posted in a few different places, all with no resolution.  I have a couple users encountering this same error.  I had had them refresh, clear history and cookies etc. Can any EB developers provide guidance on this. @ThomasCoughlin @Jianxia @TonghuiMing 


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@MeganEngel and @kim_hspartner , thanks for letting us know. Have you submitted an issue to Esri Support? If not, I would recommend doing so. Meanwhile, @JamesTedrick @ZhifangWang , any comments?

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We're experiencing the exact same issue.  Was anything submitted to Esri Support?

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Hi @WilliamSpiking , @MeganEngel , @kim_hspartner ,

There is a known BUG-000161967 that when a survey is embedded in experience app published in Experience Builder , the error "Unable to refresh token" could occur when clicking the Submit button if it passed ~30 minutes after opening the experience.

Can you please confirm if this is the case you encountered? If not, please raise a ticket to Esri Support Service with any specific reproducing steps, this will help us to investigate the details. Thanks.

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Hey @ZhifangWang, for us I believe this was the issue.  Thank you!

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