Survey123 users with access to items beyond their group

01-20-2020 04:31 AM
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We have a series of groups within our organisation, and recently we have set up a user and group for field surveyors so they can only find and edit certain items. Bear in mind the this Field Surveyor user is only a member of the Field Surveyor group, and does not belong to any other groups in the organisation.

When logging in Survey123 as a the Field Surveyor user, I can find all existing published Survey123 forms when I go to download a form, while I was expecting only a few forms would be visible and available to download (those that had been shared with the Field Surveyors group).

This issue has not happened, however, when logging in Collector as the Field Surveyor user, where the only visible web maps to download are those that were shared with the Field Surveyors group and everything seems to display fine.

If this is an issue outside my control, it seems to make the use of groups a bit redundant in Survey123, as users are not affected by the groups that they belong or not belong to. Not to mention the data security risk of allowing full access in Survey123 to all organisation users.

Has anyone faced a similar problem? Or can anyone spot a step that I might have missed in my process, and which could be causing this issue?

Thank you

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Hi Rafael dePedro

This looks to be a duplicate of Why is sharing content to specific groups not working on Survey123? - please see reply on the other thread.



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