Survey123 Unable to complete operation

01-25-2023 01:50 AM
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I am receiving an error that I have never seen before. When someone from the field tries to upload a survey, they receive an error message saying " unable to complete operation". Also, when I checked the server logs I noticed there are 3 different entries, as shown in the attachment.

Have anyone else received this error before? How do you manage to solve it?

Thanks and regards.

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Hi @MariusVerdes25 

It is difficult to confirm exactly what is causing the error. It is likely an issue with the data and feature service rather than Survey123.

There have been previous threads for this issue:

 It is recommended to check the following:

  • Are you trying to submit null values to a service which does not have null values
  • Is GlobalID in your attribute table
  • Verify that your feature in the database has correct geometry
  • Consider what versioning is supported

Hope this helps

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