survey123 time field - select seconds not just hours/minutes

05-26-2019 03:52 AM
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I'm creating a survey123 form using survey123connect (3.4 beta) and I need to be able to drill down into seconds as an option for data entry in a time field. As default the user can only select the hours and minutes for a time field and I can't find anyway of changing this. Does anyone know if this is possible?


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Seconds capture is not directly supported.  It is possible to have a form with:

1) A Time/DateTime question to record information to the minute

2) An integer field to record the seconds

3) A calculate question that adds the first to questions together

  - If using a time question (which stores text), use concat() to add it to the time string

  - If using a datetime question, add (# of seconds*1000) to the datetime question

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Hello James, 

Is this feature still unsupported? Many natural and wildlife surveys need seconds and it would be very helpful to have in one location

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