Help needed to set up publicly editable survey

09-14-2022 06:47 AM
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Hi all

I am trying to set up a survey with some requirements, but I am not sure if what I would like to set up is even possible. I have read a lot of blogposts and questions, but I'm still not sure if it's possible or not.

We'd like external partners (without ArcGIS online accounts) to fill in a form when they are planning certain works (field: work=work planned), so we know when (field:date planned), where, what will be done. They need to provide an e-mailaddress so we can contact them if we want to. When the job is finished (field:work=work executed) they have to provide the date when the job was done (field:date executed).

If possible I'd like them to edit the form they already submitted (work planned). I have made a survey using connect, and I am using Power Automate to send an e-mail with a link to the form with the correct globalId, edit mode, and with the field:work set to work executed, so they only have to fill in the date executed when the job is done. I got this all working fine, the only problem is I have to adjust the settings of the feature layer to "editors can see all features" to make sure the form with the globalId will open and they can edit their own features. This means, anyone who finds these survey results can adjust all features and can see the e-mailaddresses. I'd like to limit viewing and editing to only those features they submitted themselves. It this possible?

Next thing is the people in my organisation would like to see (not edit) all features (including e-mailaddresses) in a Geocortex viewer, only open to people of my organisation, without using ArcGIS online credentials.

If what I would like to set up is just not possible, I'd have to change plans: let the public only add features (no editing), which means they have to submit a form when they are planning work and again another form when they have executed the work (I think I could provide a link in the e-mail with some fields already pre-populated, so the form looks the same as if they were editing the form they previously submitted). This also means I can change the settings to "editors can't see any features, even those they add" and data will be secured. 

And to provide all features and information to my colleagues I would have to make an export regularly and publish it on our internal ArcGIS server, which is secured.

Any thougths and help very much appreciated.

Thank you.


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Hi @HansVanLoy, I'm in a similar situation so here are some thoughts:

- For Geocortex, are you using the new Series 5 viewer or Essentials? Are you registered with ArcGIS? Ours isn't, so we're limited to only accessing public ArcGIS Online content. Maybe once you register with it you can access secured services by saving credentials.

- I liked your idea about sending an email with an edit link for the record they submitted. As this data would need to be publicly available to be edited, I could make this a new survey based on a view of the original layer that only has the Status field available (in my case, they just need to update the status to 'Completed'). While all the records would be available on the layer's Data page in ArcGIS Online, hopefully with only one field available and all the records filtered down to only include those projects this outside party is responsible for it would be an acceptable amount of risk for my customers. All of the private information would be hidden, someone might just tamper with the statuses on a subset of the full dataset.

- Otherwise, the only way to lock it down is to have some sort of login. Crowdsource Reporter used to? may still? allow social logins, but other than that it's only ArcGIS Online identities. If we had the money, I would love to try out Hub to see if it would help in this situation as you can give logins to those outside your organization.

I'm eager to hear if anyone else has creative solutions here.

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