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Survey123 Save As

03-30-2022 09:48 AM
by Anonymous User
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Survey123 save as does not work.  It has not worked for the past two years. I initially was informed there was a bug, but today I tried to use it and still does not work. Just spins with no error. Any ideas? Does this work for anyone else? Thank you!



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A little more information might be helpful in attempting to help solve the problem but...

When I create a new survey, I typically click New Survey, Change the Title to the new project, select a previous survey from My surveys, click Create Survey, make modifications as needed in the form and XLSForm, publish, and close Survey123.  There is no Save or Save As option.  The only time I need to click save is to update the form by saving the XLSForm periodically or when finished with modifications.  I do not have any reason to use Save As from the XLSForm so I do not know if this is a problem or if this is what you have done to get stuck.

Please provide some guidance on your process that leads up to the Save As ending.

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I regularly use Save As and it works perfectly for me.

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I have this same issue when working with Surveys hosted in our Enterprise.  For a lot of our users they prefer the web designer and while publishing from Connect does then give them a way to recreate the survey it does not allow them to use the web designer anymore.  I wish I had an answer, came here looking for one myself.

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