Survey123 REST API Report Generation failing

09-14-2022 07:09 PM
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I'm in the process of implementing an automated Survey123 report generator using the Survey123 REST API. I have the process working for the most part but I'm having an issue with my reports erroring out after I submit the job. When I query the status of the job I get an error message as follows:

"messages": [
    "An error occurred when checking the report template. Failed to parse `${location}` since `location` cannot be found in the current parsing scope. "

The 'location' field refers to a geopoint question, and if I remove the field reference from the report it then errors out on an image question. If I remove all references to images & spatial fields the report generation succeeds, and I'm able to save the report fine.

The problem here is that the exact same report runs fine if I generate it manually from the Survey123 website, which I figured is also using the API, so I'm wondering if there's a step I'm missing in the process which would solve this issue. 

Happy to provide any files to support this. Any help is appreciated.


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