Survey123: Pulldata() Using Another Existing Feature Service

06-14-2018 11:59 AM
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Hey! We are working on creating a facilities damage assessment/inspection application using an existing feature service in Survey123.

What we would like to do is somehow use the pulldata() function to pull data from another, different feature service to provide the options to select from (this would help to eliminate inconsistent building naming, address entry, etc). Is this possible to do, or is the only current option for pulldata() to work coming from a CSV file?

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Esri Notable Contributor

Hi Lea. At this point in time you cannot populate a choice list from the results of a query. This is something  in our backlog.

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en la versión de Survey123Conect 3.11, se encuentra disponible esta funcionalidad?

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I would love to see this in the near future. My use case would be similar to the original post, to get some additional data from existing assets. The data changes from time to time and wouldn't be well suited as a csv snapshot within the survey.

External selects using a feature service would also be very useful.

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This is also a feature I would like to see.

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We would also like this feature

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Esri Contributor

This would be a great feature. In addition, querying a local DB could also be very useful, instead of a CSV. pulldata() could have a "select" syntax, and the DB could be a media on the phone, just like the CSV.

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I also would find this incredibly useful. I'm can use the Data Interop extension to make the necessary CSV that I'm pulling from JSON API results but it would be nice if we could pull from other sources.

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

This can be accomplished by an in-beta feature, custom JS functions - the JS can make a request to teh service and process the results.  For more information, refer to the Survey123 Early Adopter Community.

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Dear James, we will be grateful for more guidance on your suggestion and if possible a small sample we can use as a reference. I work in Humanitarian field and we have issue of finding the right tool for monitoring of our activities. I did try to use the inbox capability of Survey123 in the past but had to abandonne this option because of the poor performance of the search option over 300 items in your inbox.  So while we are waiting for this possibility of pulling data from existing feature. Your guidance on your suggestion to people like me with very basic programming skill will be very much appreciated.