Survey123 PullData not working fully

07-15-2020 03:43 PM
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I have a survey that is using PullData.  It pulls most of the values, but does not work for all of them.  The input value is picked from a select one.  Attached is the csv and the choice list.  One that does not work would be 

"METROWIDE Phishing Awareness Education Metrics", most of them do work.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Jennifer,

I had a quick look at your CSV file, and see it contains many special characters such as - % * : . ( ) ' " etc.

For pulldata @ csv it is recommended not to use any special characters in any of the columns/rows, as this may cause issues with the expression trying to load values from the CSV file. I would suggest removing those special characters and test again.



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