Survey123 not allowing edits to responses even when the user is the person that submitted the survey

03-22-2023 04:08 PM
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Hello group,

I am having an issue with Survey123 in the browser in that my users can't edit the responses they submitted. I think I have all of the permissions set correctly. I can edit them using my admin account, but they can't. I've added a field to store the username, and everything checks out. I thought it could be because they are Mobile Worker user type, but I changed their user type to Editor and still no luck.

Hoping someone can help me out, as I'm fresh out of ideas and they deploy early next week.


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can you share the editing settings of the hosted feature layer they are submitting to?

Sounds like the layer/view has permissions to 'add' but not 'edit', and it'll be hard to offer any other advice until we can confirm it's not the case

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Thanks for the reply. Below are the settings I have for the layer and the view.


View settings:




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Have you set this in Connect?



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Thanks Doug,

I don't have the Sent folder enabled in Survey123; I do have the inbox enabled and they can edit the surveys via the inbox. They just can't edit them in the web-based Survey123 under the Data tab.

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I would get them to try opening the service's Data tab and editing a record there.  This won't tell you what the problem is but it'll narrow down where it is.  If they can't edit in the Data tab, then the problem is likely at the service level.  If they can, then the problem is likely in the form configuration.

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The users cannot edit under the service's Data tab - they can, however, edit them in the app via the Inbox. They seem to be dealing with it but would like the ability to edit in the web-based Survey123.

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I had the issue that an Admin was able to send surveys from Inbox folder and the Mobile Workers could not. After checking the logs on the app, we saw this:

"code": 400, "details": [ "'edits' parameter is invalid", "Geometry update not allowed.", "Unable to apply edits."


Checking the service, it the Advanced Settings it had checked the option to 'Update Attributes Only' and not the 'Attributes and Geometry', by checking this last one we were able to send surveys with Mobile Workers.

Just in case anybody is having the same issue.

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