Survey123 Hanging up On Publishing With .vtpk

04-11-2022 03:40 PM
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Hello All.

I have added a .vtpk to my survey's media folder and when I try to publish the survey it now gets hung up. The new .vtpk is only 152MB. It will run through everything and gets hung up at Updating survey form package. The green bar will to to about the end and the spin wheel just spins. I have left it alone for a maximum of 10 minutes and never finishes.

I have not changed anything, other than adding the .vtpk to the media folder. If I remove it, the survey publishes fine in less than a couple of minutes.

Thanks for any advice you might have.


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Hello @GarrettRSmith

Are you publishing your survey to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise? If ArcGIS Enterprise what is the type of authentication used in your organization (built in, IWA, PKI, etc.)? 

Thank you,
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Hi @ZacharySutherby I actually ended up including a .mmpk instead and it worked fine.



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