Survey123 - Geometry edition in mobile devices

01-26-2022 07:31 PM
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I have authored a survey with Connect. It is intended ONLY to allow users to provide suggestions related with existing features (i.e. the surveys are always opened in mode=copy). Surveys are designed to be used only from the web app.

The issue I am having is with the edition of the geometry.
Now, when surveys are opened in a 'PC', the interface is quite intuitive and allow users to click a button to start the edition, move the vertices, undo/redo, reset the changes, exit without saving, exit saving changes... all is good (see 2 images below):


However, when I open the survey in a mobile device, this is the interface that I get. No matter what tool I use, the existing geometry is gone, and I can only (and hardly) create a new geometry from scratch. 

My question is, from the config. (Excel) file in Connect, is there any way to force this 'geometry-editing' interface to be the same as the desktop version?



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Hello @Jordi-Monk-Developer

The method=vertex capture method will be the way to make the editing workflow to use the vertexes instead of free sketch. 

Please see this documentation for more information.

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Hi @ZacharySutherby Thanks for your response. I was already using method=vertex in my XLSForm, and it behaved as intended when the survey was opened in a, let's say, non-touch device. In fact, and to my surprise, when I opened the same survey a few days later, the UI was as I was expecting it.

I will confirm it, and will post the results here, but there are reasons for me to believe this was related with Survey123 working on a multipart polygon feature. I knew that Survey123 cannot work with multipart geometries, and I noticed that it just showed one of the parts in the multipart polygon. Anyway, I will post here my findings, if there are any.


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