Survey123 Geocoding Using Locator View??

06-23-2020 02:42 PM
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Everything I read indicates that a public survey can only use the World Geocoder. Is this correct? A major limitation if true. Is there a work around that would allow me to use a locator view or a search function that accesses a feature service. I need point addresses. The World Geocoder defaults to ranges. Big problem for me. Any ideas?

I tries using pulldata and CSV files but we have 33,000 addresses in our service area so this is unworkable.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi Keith,

Yes, public surveys utilize the ArcGIS World Geocoder, as there isn't another guaranteed public geocoder available.  There is an enhancement request (ENH-000128497) and ArcGIS Idea (Use of Custom Geocode in web Survey123 without loggin); it is being considered as a potential enhancement in a future release.

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Hello @JamesTedrick 

I am currently not able to embed a geocode service in a survey shared publicly if the end user does not have an AGOL account.

Is there a recommendation on a work-around?





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We at the City of Orlando have recently realized this same issue and are needing the workflow changed to allow for using only our custom, public geocoder. This is a serious showstopper at this crucial time for helping our citizens to apply for rental housing assistance, and the Survey123 Esri product seemed a perfect fit and promises so much but has this serious drawback. Please try to make this simple enhancement as soon as possible. Thank you.

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@GaryPrior This is now possible.  Reply back and I can help you out with it.