Survey123 export to excel state name changes

03-24-2023 07:52 AM
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Using Survey123 web app I have a list of state names that the user can select their state. The default selection is Arkansas. Most responses are expected to be from Arkansas. When exporting the survey results to Excel or csv, Arkansas is converted to Arizona in the table. We have some respondents that are in other states, and I have not seen any other state change. I don't know if there is something I can do to correct this or if it is a bug I should report. I appreciate any assistance. This data is used for reporting to other agencies. It is preferred that the data is not altered between collection and reporting - even if it is a simple fix. Correcting the error in Excel would be simple, but the data needs to be reported as collected without manipulation. 

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Hello @Hopkins_Gina

If you look at the domain in the feature service for the State/Province field does Arizona and Arkansas have the same domain name? 

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