Survey123 crashing

08-27-2021 09:56 AM
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Hi all,

Survey123 crashes after a required the field worker is asked to review a question that he did not answer correctly.



the Question is:

decimalback_unadjusted_meas_0_1<b>Back Unadjusted Measurement</b> regex(.,'^\d*\.?\d*$') and .<=${solid_0_1}yes                        


My first question is what is since it is not my form, what is  constraint: 

regex(.,'^\d*\.?\d*$') and .<=${solid_0_1}


Can someone help me debug this?



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Hello @Alex_Gole 

When entering in type the value "decimal" they are automatically conditioning that question values decimal values in the first place .. you could try entering 4.9 or 4.9 to see if it accepts comma or points as decimal separator.

Now if this does not work for you, you must make the exchange rate change in the service itself, if you built this survey as an entity service.

And it would be good to see the complete xls form for a more complete help.



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Sorry for some reasons i just saw your reply. it works fine until i press  the x at the end of the question to delete the answer (on iphone 8 version 14.7.1). When i hit that x to delete value. It just crashes with no error messages. What I have just done to make it work was to make the field above a string. This still does not really answer why I cannot hit the delete X at the end of the question after I reviewed the question on a decimal field (double). My best guess is that it does not know how to handle NULL values in calculations in a decimal field but again I tried a calculation to only calculate if the filed is not null and it still does not work...


if(string-length(${front_unadjusted_meas_0_1})>0, cos(${degreestoradians_0_1_test}) * ${front_unadjusted_meas_0_1}, 'None')



Attached below is my isolated question.



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