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Survey123 count

06-10-2022 10:20 AM
by Anonymous User
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I have a Survey123 survey in which the user will be collecting photos at various sites.  I'd like to set up the survey so that each site is numbered as is each photo at each site (Site 1, Photo 1; Site 1, Photo 2; Site 2, Photo 1).  I'd also like the report I generate to caption each photo with the associated site and photo number.

What's the best way to do this?  I've tried counter, count-selected, repeat within a repeat, and nothing seems to work.

Thanks to all.

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Have you tried position?  Also I’m gonna move this to the survey 123 forum.

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@Anonymous User, the What's new in ArcGIS Survey123 (June 2022) (scroll down) featured a piece about how to use the XLSForm to automate the file name of photos and signatures (using a calculation).  So you could at least have the photo names populate from IDs as users capture subsequent observations/surveys.

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by Anonymous User
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I have figured out a few different ways to assign file names but have abandoned my attempts to conjure any sort of autoincrementing solution of photo numbering.

It seems that the best way, given the currently available functionality, is to have the user manually enter the site # and photo #.  I can then construct the report to extract these numbers for each image. 

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position() or having a countother field with a value of 1 then using sum(${CountOther}) worked for me.