Newly published Survey123 has a new item in content - hosted tables

06-30-2022 02:10 PM
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In the documentation on publishing a Survey123 form from Connect it states "Your survey is composed of two parts: the form item that the app downloads and the feature layer that contains the data submitted from the survey."  However, in a newly published form I now have 3 parts (or items in my content online), the third is called a "table(hosted).  What is this and how does it function with the form, and why can't I not find documentation in Esri on this new content?  Uuugghhh!


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The 3rd one is just a simple web map with your layer in it.  

You can turn off 123 making it when you publish here  Note you have to change this checkbox every single time you publish which is weird.


Make sure to turn on Sync.  Not sure why it is off by default.


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Hi @DeniseKelsey   It is not common, but sometimes people want to specifically instruct Survey123 Connect to create a table rather than a layer. Some context here:

In short: If you set the esriFieldType value of your geopoint question to null, Connect will create a table.

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I believe Repeat questions are also published as related tables.

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