Survey123 Connect: Reverse Geocode Address is not displaying

03-02-2021 03:41 PM
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Hello, I created a survey that allows users to report possible code violations. 

I used our custom geolocator to pull the addresses.

I inserted the map tool so users can either type in the address or select the location on the map.

We want the address the user selected to auto fill in a separate address line located below the map. 

This function only seems to work when I test it in Survey123 Connect, it does not work on the published survey. 

Any suggestions?


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HI @MayraHernandez  I suggest you give the geocode appearance a try. This is not yet documented other than through the Survey123 Early Adopter Community website, but I think it will fit well your use case.

This feature is still in Beta. We would love to have your feedback through the Early Adopter Community Forums.

This is ultimately how we would want to handle use cases like yours.



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Thank you @IsmaelChivite I will give that a try.

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