Update same record in Collector using Survey123 via linked survey

03-10-2021 04:55 PM
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I am creating a linked Collector and Survey 123 application. I created the survey, published it, downloaded the geodatabase, deleted the original survey, published the database as a Feature Service. There are three levels of related features: Site, Planting Unit, and Camera Point (plus some other attachments). 

I then have created linked surveys from feature service through Connect. I have linked both the full survey (for reporting) and partial surveys for filling out in the field. I configured the attributes of the parent site feature class to match a subset of those of the base layer the feature is copied from (tax lots). Thus, in collector, the basic identifying attributes are copied to the new feature. I created a link to the survey and placed it as a custom attributed in the site feature class popup. The link successfully launches the survey and populates the attributes.

What I observe is that the creation of the site feature creates one survey record. If I initiate a survey--having passed those same attributes to the survey--I then create another record instead of editing the one site record already created. It does work in that both records are attached to the site polygon, but I'd rather have one consolidated record. 

In addition, the survey information is not reflected in the view of the data through the collector application, which is also desired. If one takes a picture in survey mode, it will be connected to the survey record. If one takes a picture in collector mode, it is stored with the collector record. All records are available in the Survey 123 data view, but only the collector records are visible in collector.

Is there a way to do this? If not, is there a recommended workflow for accomplishing something similar? Or, is this beyond the designed use case of linking the two (Collector and Survey123), and I'd be best moving to Field Maps?


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I am not sure I understand why you are creating a record in Collector first.  I just send the key to the form which is related back to the main point.

I have 9 diff forms all linked to one big hosted service and all related together.  Works great.

See my writeup here https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-survey123-questions/mapping-with-survey123-within-a-polygon-or-... 

You can also edit the collected form in Collector but that is dangerous.

Hope that helps you

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