Survey123 Connect 3.16.110 - photo isn't being brought into inbox when linked to Hosted Service

12-13-2022 08:26 AM
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1st app - I built the complete survey in the original and hid the 2nd inspection for the 2nd app.

2nd app - I link to the hosted service and unhide the 2nd inspection.

In the original app, I can see the photo from inspection 1 in the inbox, BUT it doesn't work in the 2nd app that's linked to the hosted service. Is there some magic I can do to get this to work in app 2?

MichelleWilliamsERM_0-1670948284984.png App 1 opened finish inspection from the inbox.

MichelleWilliamsERM_1-1670948451301.png App 2 opened from the inbox.

@Ismael thanks for any help, you can provide.


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Can you provide XLSForms? A lot easier to provide assistance.

Is the image within a repeat? Do you have the bind::esri:parameters column 'query' added?

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Great questions -

  • Yes, the bind::esri:parameters column is 'queried.'
  • Yes, the image is inside a repeat.

Sorry about not adding the file, below is a screenshot of the survey that's linked to the hosted service. If you need to see more, I can private message you.

The before photo is the image that won't download into the inbox.



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I added a video and the files to help you see my process.

Thanks for your help.


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@Ismael , I added a video to this thread. Can you point me to the right person?

Thank you so much.

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@MichelleWilliamsERM thanks for sharing the forms.

The issue is reproducible with only the image question i.e. no repeats or additional rows.

  1. Create a survey with an image question. Inbox enabled, sent folder disabled. Publish
  2. Create a second survey targeting the existing feature service. Enable inbox, disable sent. Publish.
  3. Capture an image in Survey 1 and submit survey. Query Inbox. Image is visible.
  4. Open survey 2 Inbox and refresh. Instance appears but image is not visible.
  5. Capture an image in Survey 2 and submit. Query Inbox, image is visible.
  6. Open Survey 1 inbox and refresh. Second survey instance appears, image is not visible.

Additional notes:

  • Setting bind of "query allowUpdates=True" or "query allowUpdates=False" makes no difference
  • Enabling sync / enabling full editor privileges makes no difference
  • Logs show that the survey appears to make a valid attachments request
  • Tested with source Hosted Feature Layer (no views) with admin/owner account
  • Occurs for both camera and library photos. Large and small.
  • Photos have a key word.
  • ArcGIS Online.
  • Survey123 Connect 3.16.110 and field app 3.16.114

The images submitting/downloading OK for the survey they were submitted from makes me think the survey itself is fine. I can't see anything to indicate this is a known limitation, there are also references to being able to view attachments when targeting existing feature services.

Either we are missing something obvious or this is a defect. Would suggest Esri tech support if you haven't already.

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