Survey123: Bugs found and questions

03-14-2016 08:25 AM
New Contributor II

Hi folks,

We are using Survey123. We find some bugs and want to discuss with you.

1. After we select one of options (select_one type), there is no way to be unselected. Even though the function of "choice_filter" performs in correct way which the filtered questions will disappear, the option selected before could not be shown as unselected.

Also, if we switch the options (e.g "Yes" or "No") several time, even the "choice_filter" function doesn't work.

2. After we edit existing records, it is created as a new record instead of replacing. It is duplicated in data table in Survey123 online interface, downloaded CSV, downloaded Shapefile, and downloaded Geodatabase.

Could you let us know how to deal with those bugs? Or Will Survey123  be updated soon?




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