Survey123, blank surveys on iOS

03-08-2022 06:49 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hi All,

Having an issue with two users of Survey123 within my organization. Both users are getting blank surveys, screenshot below. All of their Surveys within the organization are blank. Oddly enough, I am not able to reproduce the error on my iPhone. 


So far, we've tried updating the app and restarting the app without success. One of my fieldworkers has ~50 surveys in his outbox he needs to submit. I am a little concerned about deleting the app and reinstalling it. Will that cause him to lose the surveys? Any ideas on how to fix this.


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Recently upgraded to 3.14.xx? I'm getting the same. Worked just fine before field folks started upgrade to the new version.


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Here's 2 screen shots from today, same record. The first is S123 v3.12, the other v3.14. For some reason, it is not reading / displaying all of the fields. HELP!

S123 v3.12.


S123 v 3.14


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