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How to make Survey act like a calculation is not applied

03-08-2022 11:17 AM
Occasional Contributor II

This is a bit odd.

The best way to explain it is: I want Survey123 to remove the calculation if another question is selected.


More in depth:
I have 1 geoshape, with multiple inputs, and it behaves differently depending on another question

I want to draw

I have one coordinate

I have multiple coordinates.

everything works perfectly. If I want to draw I can do so, if I want to add coordinates I can do that too and then it draw it for me, and the shape is created in the service.

The input from the coordinates are added to a concat to create a coordinate string, this is added to the calculation of the geoshape.

But as soon as that calculation are added to the geoshape the draft mode functionality wont work if I chosen to draw the area, then the geometry disappear. Any idea?  

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