Survey123 app: Predefined values (url parameters) do not work in subgroup

02-23-2023 04:10 AM
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Survey123 app version: 3.17.66

Survey123 connect version: 3.16.110

We use survey123 with some predefined values in the URL. However, Survey123 mobile app does not populate some of the values. After some investigation, we realized it is not working at the subgroup (group inside group) level.

Please note that the same survey works well in the web version.

Is this a known issue?


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Hi @DioStedin 

Thanks for reaching out. If it is working on the web app but not in the field app then it could be a defect. I recommend you reproduce the problem with only the required questions in the xlsx form and then share it to this thread or work with your Tech Support team.

I hope this helps

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