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11-23-2022 12:18 PM
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Dear Community- I have been tasked to see if it is possible to be able to send a link to a Survey123 application via text using WhatsApp. I can create the survey and the link. Where I am struggling is how to send the link to the survey via text through the WhatsApp to program participants globally. Is this something I need Make or Power Automate for or am I thinking about this the wrong way. Any guidance, links to documents would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you

John Watermolen

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Hi @JohnWatermolen_PWI  I gave this is a quick test and worked as expected. Simply get the URL of your survey and paste it into a WhatsApp message.

Get the URL from the Survey123 website (Collaborate tab) as shown below:



Then paste that URL into your message. I tested this using both the Whatsapp in my phone as well as the desktop version. Works great.

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