Survey123 Location Limitations

11-23-2022 03:16 AM
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I wanted to use Survey123 for a social study about safety in urban green spaces. I wanted the respondents to point on the maps which are the areas where they feel more safe or unsafe. However, I am encountering some limitations that might not allow me to collect the data as I planned:
  1. For every map, only one point can be selected.
  2. For every server, only one map can be used to collect geo information. 
So, in the end, for every survey, I could only obtain one point. I was wondering if there is a way where I can collect more than one location per survey or if I could get some help with any other solution. 
Thanks in advance,
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Put your map in a repeat. Users can then submit multiple points at a time. You can also include a select_one asking if users feel safe or unsafe in that same repeat so you can tie each individual points to a 'feeling'.

- Jen
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To Add to Jennifer's comment, you might need to use the inbox feature if multiple people will be adding to a point.

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