Survey123 and TruePulse 360R

09-29-2023 01:19 PM
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Hi Everyone,

So I'm attempting to use my TruPulse 360R with the Survey123 app along with a BadElf GPS unit. I've been successful with getting both to connect the app with Bluetooth however, when I go to the rangefinder on the app home screen and take three height shots with it all I receive back is a ring 3x and the screen perpetually has a loading animation. I've gone through the manual for the rangefinder unit and scoured forums and videos but I haven't seen anything that covers this issue. 

I've also created my own survey and included multiple measurement variables within the bind::esri:parameters to ensure I can take multiple measurements with the rangefinder but I haven't been able to get so far for my rangefinder to even really send data to the app.

If anyone on this forum has any suggestions for how I can navigate this issue any and all help out there would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hi @Cge43,

There are a few rangefinder samples in the Connect sample gallery that might help rule out any XLSForm configuration issues. You also may want to make sure your Survey123 field app is at version 3.18.123 or higher since that's when the rangefinder support was added. You may have already seen it, but this video also shows a few workflows using the sample surveys. 






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