Survey123 'Allow Inbox surveys to be copied to new survey' without 'Allow new Surveys to be collected'

10-13-2022 02:42 PM
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Is there a way to have 'Allow Inbox surveys to be copied to new survey' activated  without activating 'Allow new surveys to be collected'.

I do not want to give users the option of collecting new data - they are signing off  already collected data, but I need them to be able to create a new record/survey from the same data as collected previously, just with a new Permit Number for different dates.

Alternatively, is there a straightforward way of copying all answers in a survey record to a new record and change just a couple of the answers (i.e. the Permit Number)?


Collect turned on/Allow Copied availableCollect turned on/Allow Copied availableNot able to turn onNot able to turn on

I am using Survey123 Connect.

Many thanks for any responses.


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This is a bit of a paradox. A new survey is new data. Copying from the inbox into a new survey... requires a new survey (new data) to be created?

You have a few options:

  • Enable Inbox and allow users to update/edit existing features/records. Select fields by setting the questions to read-only
  • Enable Inbox and new surveys (new records/features). Disable ability to edit in Inbox, allow them to be viewed and copied into a new survey.
  • Use ArcGIS Field Maps, pop-ups and custom URL schemes to pass data from existing features into a new survey
  • Use multiple surveys targeting the same service. One for inbox, one for new. Latter could be passed from a web map URl
  • Use webhooks to trigger events - new feature collected, make change in old one

But no you can't collect new data via copy when collecting data is disabled within the survey...