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Survey123 3.16.106 issue | Repeat has same name as item in the repeat | _image added to the image name

11-23-2022 12:42 PM
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Will these issues be addressed with the next update?

I'm creating a new survey linked to the hosted service, and the repeat has the same name as an item in the repeat, which might be causing an error (but it shouldn't matter to the software).



I also noticed that my image from the linked hosted service also has _image in the name, which I never added (looks like a software addition). This might also cause this error.




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Esri Notable Contributor


The XLSForm specification does not allow you to add to questions with the same name.  In your XLSForm design, make sure that you have no repeated question names.   In your specific case, you got lucky because the duplicated name includes an image type of question. Lucky, because you can rename the image question in your XLSForm design and proceed.  If your duplicated question name was present in other type of question, such as text, date, integer, etc. you would not be able to rename it.

Separate from the above, you are getting the error 'Fields not found in the feature service:0'.  This error message is caused by a software defect in the October 2022 release. This is planned to be addressed in the December 6 update. In the meantime, you can use the workaround described here.