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11-24-2022 04:48 AM
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Currently building a survey form using Survey123 connect version and have noticed the following. 

Question 1: Does the floor have any toilets? 
Answer options are "Yes" or "No"

If "yes" is selected, automatically 4 more questions appear in the survey form. Namely to count the number of male, female, disable, and unisex toilets. 


I have added the correct input into the Relevant field in the xls forms and it hides the 4 related fields of Questions 1, but it leaves a blank space in the form. Form style is set to 'pages fixed-grid'

Should be hidden.PNG

The view carries over into the mobile app. It is taking unnecessary space and should ideally only appear when "yes" is selected. 

Please assist me

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You can put selected formula in all the relevant fields to match and display it with condition like this : selected(${toilet_choice}, 'yes')

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Thanks Muhammed. This is the condition in the relevant field. While the 4 related choices are not apparent when yes is not selected, the space is still occupied. Previously the space would be reduced. 

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