S123: How to manage S123 webhook through API for python

11-23-2022 02:04 PM
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Hi all,

We have Survey123.arcgis.com connect to manage our forms published to enterprise portal.

We normally add webhook to our forms through Survey123.arcgis.com\Setting or Integromate does it for us.

However, we do not fully understand how the webhook works. If the webhook was created against the S123 form or against the hosted feature service behind the form?

We have tried against the feature service

wh = arcgis.features.managers.WebHook("https://aaa.bbb.com/hosting/rest/services/Hosted/Culvert_TL_WFL1/FeatureServer",gis)



and what returns is just the description of the service, nothing related to webhook.

We would like to see and manage the webhook through arcgis api for python.

If anyone knows what should we use? 



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Hello @lannguyentl

There are two types of webhook triggers, Survey123 and feature service both being different in how they are configured. 


Please refer to these links regarding configuring feature service triggered webhooks: 




Please refer to these links regarding configuring Survey123 triggered webhooks: 





If you are configuring your webhook through the Survey123 website or using the Survey123 connector in Integromat/Make you are using a Survey123 triggered webhook. 


As for the ArcGIS API for Python the methods you are referencing are for a feature service triggered webhook and not a Survey123 triggered webhook. At this time there is no support for configuring Survey123 triggered webhooks through the ArcGIS API for Python. If it were to exist it would be located in the arcgis.apps.survey123 module. Please feel free to reach out to Esri Technical Support to log an enhancement to support this functionality in the future. 

Thank you,
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Thank Zach!

What a coincidence, I'm reading/browsing your work in Github 🙂 

Thanks for your reply and I will check them all.

I definitely will follow you in API for py and Javascript!

Kind regards,


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