Survey published from existing feature service shows 0,0 lat long in data view

02-11-2020 09:10 PM
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Hello all, 

I created a survey with an existing feature service (address points) for building damage assessment. I understood this would be 'geopoint' in my survey, and the survey would not create any new geometry when I am using Inbox to attach the information on these existing points. But it seems I have not fully understood yet.

As shown below, the existing points are located on the map (as expected).  If I click any record, the address point shows nothing, just 0, 0 lat and long in the summary part (right pane). I am not clear why it does not pick up the actual location as displayed in the map area.

Currently my survey questions are added on the feature service layer, and I have a related table published to accommodate pictures and audios only. If the survey still try to pick up new geopoint location in spite of having data from existing points, should I make all of my survey questions in the related table and make geopoint auto populated based on the existing point's location? so basically create a new dataset with geometry?

Any advice?


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Hi Jay,

Apologies for the delay.  It looks like there is an issue in reading the point location into the feature details.  This may be due to a difference in how the feature service configured compared to a feature service published by Survey123. Given that this is an issue with the map/geometry, what is the spatial reference of the feature service?

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