Survey data not linking to feature layer

03-12-2019 08:13 AM
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Okay let me outline my goal, what I've done, and what isn't working.


I have a Buildings hosted feature layer. This includes a polygon buildings feature and several related tables that are linked based off a Building_ID field.

I also have a survey about housekeeping for the buildings. There is a question for the user to select which building they are answering the survey about, based on the same Building_ID.

I want to be able to select a building in the map, select Related Data from the pop-up and be able to view the survey data for that building (and that building only).

What I've Done:

I followed this post Working with existing Feature Services in Survey123 for ArcGIS to publish a survey on top of a feature service. So I created a point feature class to the same FGDB and map as the Building feature class in ArcMap (we'll call this layer Survey).

I created all the fields and domains, etc. that I want to be in the survey. I ensured all layers had a GlobalID and that Survey had a GUID. I created a 1-M relationship class between Buildings and Survey, based on the GlobalID and GUID. Published all this to AGOL.

In Survey123 Connect, I created a new survey from a Feature Service, choosing the Buildings feature service. the survey works just fine and the data is appropriately added to the Survey feature layer.


The Survey layer data is not actually linked to a building. I want the survey data to be linked to each individual building in the Building layer, preferably based off the Building_ID field (as mentioned). Can I do this? If so, how? 

I have very little experience the GlobalIDs and GUIDs, they don't really make much sense to me, and I can't seem to find a good resource that explains them and how I can make them work in relating data, so if you have something that might be of help, that'd be great too. 

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Hi Christina,

Is the survey table in the same feature layer/feature service as the building layer, or is it a separate item?  If the latter, you can't directly link it in the ArcGIS Online environment as related records.  You could create some building/survey summarizations using Join Features—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS or Summarize Within—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS .

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