Measuring second in survey123

03-12-2019 11:47 PM
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Regarding measuring time in second the Excel sheet attached by James indicates that second can not be measured directly in survey123 is there a way to generate second  because the attached excel not clear for me  !!

because i use " ${task_order_organization_code} + '-NTS-' + format-date(${nts_date},'%Y%m%d') + '-' + format-date(${nts_time},'%H%M') " for ID reports to not get duplicate ID but now i see if two field reporters open the survey at the same time we will get duplicate ID so we need add second for ID as well to not get duplicate ID.

any suggestion it will be appreciated 

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Hi Rawand,

To create an incident ID, I would normally go with the timestamp of when the form opens.  If necessary, you could use the seconds from that along with the other time components to provide sufficient resolution in the ID.

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Hi Rawand,

Have you reviewed the following blog? 

Maybe using the AGOL username in the calculation would be a viable option for you.