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01-04-2023 03:03 AM
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Hi all, I created a 123 survey using Survey123 Connect version 3.13.249.  Published the survey to our organisation and then tested on a mobile device.  It works perfectly there. 

Some users would like to be able to complete the survey in a browser.  So I attempted to complete the form in Chrome.  It seems to work fine until a question that is a select multiple with a maximum number of selections defined.  When this part of the form is completed in the browser an error appears : "Survey contains errors: 1.  Press here to navigate to each error."

I am not overly familiar with the browser version of Survey123 as this is the first time I have looked at a form in this way as all previous surveys using Survey123 have been created, tested and used only on mobile devices.

I am unsure where to start trying to troubleshoot this as it works as an application on a mobile device.

Any help would be great. Thanks for taking the time to read this.



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Surveys can be created in either Survey123 Connect or the Survey123 website; some features are only available in one or the other, and some are available in both. See below for a quick comparison matrix of what is or is not supported in each:

Personally I use Survey123 Connect with the intention to use in the Survey123 Field App. It's the more advanced designer and in my view better for larger, longer or more complicated surveys. Typically these require users to login to the field app.

The Survey123 website is great for simpler surveys that will use the browser. It's quick to create and the little 'thank you' message you can make is great for browser-based surveys. Typically public users. No login or install.

You could mix them or use Connect to make a web survey with advanced functionality but generally I find this approach helps avoid lack of support issues that you're encountering it now.

If you'd like help identifying which particular question is giving you the error, please take a look at the documentation linked above, or post the XLSForm in question.

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I also had this problem and in my case it was caused by a hidden dateTime field. Once I removed the "hidden" from the appearance column for my dateTime field the browser error went away. Hope this helps!