Survey 123 Inventory Manager

01-17-2023 05:07 AM
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We are trying to make an inventory manager that scans QR codes and displays the current stock of equipment. Is there a way to make a formula or something in Survey123 Connect that allows us to instantly calculate and display the current stock after we add or subtract a piece of equipment?

We tried using the calculations field and the formula (Quantity_IN - Quantity_OUT) + Stock and although we received no errors the Stock field in our Inventory on the Server is always empty.

Appreciate all the help you can give us.


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Referencing existing fields will only work if you are using the form to edit rows. Can you confirm if you are doing that? You'd need a single row in your table for each asset type, and your form would simply be editing the attributes.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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