Disable 'Download Survey' in Field App for select Forms?

01-17-2023 05:03 PM
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Is it possible to hide a survey from the 'Download Surveys' list in the S123 Field App?


I have a use case where a Portal Group has access to 2 different S123 Forms. 1 form is intended to be used in the iOS Field App and the other should only be used in the Survey Widget of an Experience. 

I would like to prevent users from downloading the ExB form to the iOS Field App.

Same user group requires access to both forms, so sharing alone cannot accomplish this.


FieldMaps has the option to 'Hide in Field Maps mobile' or set the web map item's "typeKeywords": ["FieldMapsDisabled"] parameter.


Does Survey123 have a similar option? 

If not, it needs one.  Could probably also use the opposite option to restrict use to the Field App only.  Should apply to all Field App platforms (iOS, Android, & Windows)


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