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Survey 123 geotrace symbology

04-28-2023 04:32 AM
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Good afternoon,


I have created a Survey123 proformas from Survey123 Connect XLSForm. Part of the form collects bat flight path information. What I would like is the symbology of the layer to display as an arrow to display the direction of travel.


How to I symbolise this?


Kind regards,



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Esri Notable Contributor


  • Use arrow symbology for the sketch geometry while the user is interactively entering the bat flight in the geotrace question: Not possible. You can style the line color and width , but cannot add an arrow at the end. 
  • In the geotrace map, use arrows to display all bat flights previously entered: This is possible if you configure your geotrace question to use a custom web map. You will need to add to your web map the bat flights and use arrows for symbology.
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Hi Ismael,


Thanks for the reply.


So there is no way to symbolise the direction of travel.


Seems the answer is that I will need a separate question to show direction of travel.



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