Survey 123 - formatting when printing surveys

04-06-2022 08:42 PM
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Hey there GIS community,


I'm trying to print individual records from a survey I created from the Survey 123 website. When I do a print preview, for example, my hidden conditional statements print as "rcc_f false" or "rcc_f true". When I view the completed survey after filling it in, it lists the actual string that I want. but for some reason it prints a true/false statement when trying to print records. Is there a way to format the survey results to show the actual string? I looked into using feature report templates but that's not available to our organization at this time. Could it be done with some kind of calculation? It may be easier than I think and I'm still doing web courses for Survey 123 but was asked to find a solution soon. 


Thanks everyone,

Kyle S

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When you say "print individual records", what do you mean exactly if you aren't able to use feature reports?

Some screenshots or seeing your XLS form might help 🙂


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In the survey 123 website, you can select an individual record in the table and print the results. All of this is on my work computer and I don't have survey123 on this PC. I'll have to see if I can get those screenshots and XLS later today.

I attached a screenshot showing a record selected. In the right, there is a print option. You can see that the info is listed on the right side of the screen as a heading with the question answer underneath, but I want to change this to print something else instead of saying "true". The XLS is also attached.


EDIT: this probably has to do with formatting in the table (calculating the fields?) or a calculation in the XLS, just not sure how to do it.

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