Survey 123 feature report Conditional syntax if select_one is blank

03-20-2023 03:34 AM
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I am trying to develop a survey 123 summary report for an existing survey with over 3000 records. I would like to us a conditional if statement to highlight where a select_one question has not been answered so that the users etc can see where dat is missing or needs to be re-entered prior to re-running the summary report and full feature reports. it looks as if this question has been asked previously here but I cannot seem to get it to work and I am wondering whether it is due to my question(s) being select_one and select_mulitple rather than free text which would 

I am currently trying the following with no success

The building surveyed was a ${if buildingType} ${buildingType} ${/} ${if buildingType==""}NOT SELECTED${/}

The obvious solution to this would be to make the questions required or have a default valule but this doesnt help for existing records

Does anyone know whether  the above should work for select_one and select_multiple question types


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That syntax looks correct to me and I think it should work for either select_one or select_multiple, but the question is...have you actually tested it? If so, is it producing the output you expected, or returning an error?


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