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Multilingual external choice lists

03-20-2023 02:36 PM
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I am utilizing an external choice list in my form and have a Spanish column included in the external table. I am managing the choice list with a search() appearance.

However, I am not able to get the form to utilize the Spanish column of my external table. My current setup will return the choices from Column D of my external table. If I put "Area_Spanish" in the label column of my choices tab in the Survey123 Excel workbook, I get the Spanish options.


Is it possible to have Survey123 automatically switch between the English options and the Spanish options in the same way it does with an internal list?

Survey Tab: 

typenamelabelhintguidance_hintappearancerequiredrequired_messagereadonlydefaultcalculationconstraintconstraint_messagerelevantchoice_filterrepeat_countmedia::audiomedia::imagebind::typebind::esri:fieldTypebind::esri:fieldLengthbind::esri:fieldAliasbody::esri:stylebind::esri:parametersparametersbody::acceptbody::esri:visiblebody::esri:inputMasklabel::Español(es)hint::language (xx)guidance_hint::language (xx)required_message::language (xx)body::accuracyThresholdbind::esri:warningbind::esri:warning_messagebind::saveIncomplete
select_one areahwp_areaPlease Select an Area  minimal search('Project_Area_Super_Level_List','matches' ,'Building',${hwp_building},'Level',${hwp_level})yes                     Área       


Choices Tab: 

Area           Area_Spanish


External Table: 

I deleted name and contact information from my table, leaving those cells blank.

EAGEAG 5Level 1EAG 5 A Front of House       Eag 5A - Frente a la Casa
EAGEAG 5Level 1EAG 5 A Back of House       Eag 5A - Trasera de la Casa
EAGEAG 5Level 1EAG 5 B Front of House       Eag 5A - Generador Patio




Alex Steiner

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