Survey 123 exporting label instead of name

02-04-2021 04:07 AM
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How can I export data with variable names instead of labels?. Currently, Am getting a mixture of names and labels based on the data type.

The downloaded file has labels except for select_one data type, it has names. I would like everything to be name..


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I have a similar issue. My select_one field returns labels in the data table instead of names from the choice list. The labels contain formatting syntax for display in the Survey 123 app, which are not relevant for the data values I require. 

E.g. the name in the choice list is 'A', and the label is '<b>A)</b> 5 x 20m transects'

I want the value recorded in the database and visible in the attribute table (in ArcGIS Online) to be the name value of just 'A'.



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