Survey 123 Connect 3.16.1 SSL error using windows 10

12-19-2022 10:26 AM
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Having an issue with SSL handshake errors while logging into survey 123 connect and/or being logged in using windows 10. 

While working from home on VPN  I get the following errors.

1. Logging into AGOL without adding a connection.



2. Adding our URL as a connection.



3. Plugged into our network I do not receive either of the above errors when logging in or adding a connections. However, none of the surveys worked properly and I noticed an error on a Geolocate question.



Is there something that needs to be reset or deleted to correct this? 





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Hello @wilbanrw

The issue is likely with the network not trusting ArcGIS Online. If you try on your home network for example without the VPN does the same behavior occur? 

If the behavior does not occur outside the specific network in question I would suggest reaching out to your IT and ask they allow the following domains


Thank you,
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