Survey 123 - Client log in and controlled data entry.

07-28-2021 10:39 AM
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Hi - I have a few questions regarding Survey123 and would appreciate any help on one or both. 

First - I would like to create a survey that allows clients to fill out trip reports, but want to make sure that only those specific people are able to access the survey and fill out a report. Each client has a unique license number - is there a way we can have them set up a password and associate it with that number in order to access the survey?

We have 100+ clients and it would be easy to make it public and invite them to fill it out, but I need to make sure this survey is secure and that there is some sort of firewall so we don't have just anyone sending us data. How can I go about giving limited and specific access to the surveys I create? 

Second - When clients are submitting their reports they need to indicate where their trip was. We need to keep the location names uniform on our end so that I can use a custom locator in Pro. For context, many of these locations are in the wilderness and cannot be easily georeferenced. Before, when using paper forms, we would go through and check for spelling mistakes before entering them into the database but this is time consuming. I'm wondering if there is a better way to deal with this. There are over 500 unique locations and a drop down would be frustrating and unusable for the client.

I'm still figuring out Survey123 so apologies if there is an obvious answer to this!

Thank you!

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