How to construct a if statement to perform a two different calculation depending on the choice of the previous question

07-28-2021 09:24 AM
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Hello guys I am trying to calculate the volume of a grain bin depending whether it is a top cone or not. I have a select one question in the survey that provides the information. I am using the following if statement in the calculation column: if(selected(${bin_top},'Top cone'),${circumference_in}*2,${circumference_in}*3) 

This is not working, anyone has any recommendations?

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Not much to go on here. if statement looks ok.  What is not working?  Wrong number, nothing shown?

My guess would be that you are using the label value and not the name value from bin_top - is it maybe Top cone in the label and Topcone in the name for the list?

Other guess is add some spaces ${circumference_in} * 2

Just a guess maybe post the form.

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