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Survery123 Connect Repeat default geopoint location

06-19-2023 09:22 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Hi - I have a Survey123 (3.18.123) form created in Connect that I am pulling into Experience Builder using the survey widget. This will be used on a desktop. The survey has a repeat with a geopoint in it that is required. The geopoint always goes to a default location and I need to manually navigate to the location where I want to place the point. My concern however is that because there is a default location, someone can submit the survey without moving the point to the proper location. Is there a way to turn off the default location so the user will get an error when submitting if they have not created the point since the geopoint question is required?

Also, is there a way to have the geopoint created automatically at the centroid of the polygon which is created in the main section of the survey?


Many thanks!


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I have no clue if this would work - but you could potentially make a restraint that says the geopoint coordinates can't be (whatever the default coordinates are) so it pings an error that can say "please place pin in proper location" if they leave it at default.

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